About Us


OneClickToAsia was born out of the desire to share our passion for travel in Asia with like-minded adventurous travelers looking for a holiday that is “off the beaten track”. We are highly experienced tourism professionals who are well established in Asia ourselves.

We value the increasing appeal of web-savvy travelers willing to touch base directly with reliable travel agents living in the destination of their next planned holidays. On our site we feature tours and accommodation options that are the result of passionate individuals who take great pride in designing memorable travel experience and provide you with a truly local perspective of the town or country you’re visiting. All tours are completely customizable, thanks to the privilegied relationship you will build with the local agent.

Furthermore, we provide adventure-spirited travelers with a comprehensive ‘one-stop’ web portal to enable them locate Asia-based tour companies who are passionate, product-driven, customer-oriented and trustworthy.


  • Thematic, experiential and unique programs and journeys.
  • Direct link with full of creativity, skilled and trustworthy local agencies passionate about their destination.
  • Optimum standard of service during all your trip (before, during and after).
  • Availability of destination’s experts and access to practical informations, detailed and reajusted in real time.

Our partners

Our partners have been carefully selected, and match with the values we want to promote. They are all specialized on a particular thematic, in order to create with you a totally unique trip, not like any other one.

Each of our partners is also committed to « Responsible Tourism ». You would be able to know more about it by contacting them directly. Anyway, let us assure that your trip will make you be involved in the development of local economies, which is close to our heart.


We are convinced that a good communication is essential to succeed to build together a great personalized trip. In this way, we are committed to answer under 48H. On site, you will also be able to access to the local agent emergency contact, through the « Sales » and/or « Operations » department, which will be available to assist you if required 24h/7d.

Our local partners recruit and train the best guides, are known for their great ability to adapt in case of unexpected situation and take care of the smallest detail. They will be everywhere to ensure the good execution of your journey, safely !

Our values

All tour companies referenced by Oneclicktoasia share the same values:

Honesty and trustworthiness: we give frank and objective advice.
Like in any relationship, there needs to be a fair deal of confidence between both you and the local agent to make progress on your holiday plans. In this light, the local agents reserve the right to turn down your enquiry if they feel that they are not the right partner to deliver the services and experience you are after. Oneclicktoasia’s selected local agents are experienced travel professionals and in all parties’ interest, it may be more judicious to not start a project rather than wasting people’s time and hope. Everyone enjoys win-win solutions and it is the responsibility of each party to “play the game” by inputting each other sufficiently in order to build this initial and vital mutually beneficial trust. If local agents decide to pursue with your enquiry, the local agents will ensure your expectations meet the reality of the destination and activities.

Creativity and genuineness: the network of on the ground contacts keeps the local agents well-informed of the openings and happenings at their destination. The local agents carefully test and validate the tours and activities they operate. The tours are constantly evolving to adapt to local situations. Always keeping in forefront the respect of the local people and places. We challenge conventional tour operators to venture beyond the easy-to-package trails while respecting the cultures and traditions of the people who make the charm of the destinations visited.

Responsible travel: all local agents encourage their guests to buy, behave and consume in a responsible manner to ensure the small organizations and people of the areas visited can benefit from their visit. We believe in the principles of Responsible Travel and each of us with our own sensitivity and commitments are keen to share valuable information with visitors before and during traveling.

Care: we acknowledge that our guests’ holidays are “sacred”. So, from the moment you enquire to the moment you return home after your vacation, local agents have put in place a series of procedures to help minimize risks. Whether it is processing a booking, briefing guides, coordinating ground logistics, or sending a follow-up “welcome back home” message. We continue to care along the way to ensure the greatest level of enjoyment.

Value for money: local operators do not intend to be the cheapest option one can find. Local agents do not cut corners to squeeze in “more for less”. Instead, they are driven by the notion of “value for money” and will maximize your experience of travel by incorporating the perfect content, and even more if you wish!


Traveling is sharing, meeting, discovering... An amazing experience, which should however not be lived at all cost.

OneClickToAsia and the local agents appreciate and value guests who are:

  • Well-informed:When agreeing on a tour and sealing a deal with our local partners, we expect you to commit to the general terms and conditions proposed by the local agent. Please make sure you are aware of these, as each local agent has different policies.
  • Responsible travelers:You educate yourself before traveling and you are aware of the main cultural differences in the country of your intended holidays. Once at the destination, you behave responsibly and you follow the guidance of the local agent’s tour guide to comply with local customs. You strive to only leave footprints behind and a positive image of your country of origin.
  • Cautious:When traveling, local agents assume you are fully insured to visit the planned destinations and engaging in their experiences. Occasionally, some local agents will ask you to sign disclaimers/ liability weavers, especially for more exposed adventurous sports and activities.
  • Aware that:By removing Tour Operators and Travel Agents in your home country, you will perhaps not have access to some services these travel professionals can help you with like: Visa arrangements, intercontinental ticket bookings, travel insurances, any form of guarantee of your funds through professional bodies, etc.
  • Respectful:A lot of time is spent preparing your travel itinerary. Respecting the time dedicated to your holiday starts by acknowledging the messages and answering the question that will help the travel consultants understand better your anticipated holiday. This also includes refraining from enquiring if you are not genuinely interested in engaging a sincere communication with travel counsellors. As a result we understandably frustrated by the “window shoppers” attitude that waste time and by tourists who are aggressively looking for “the cheapest price” at any cost.